Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Part of your WORLD

So, when I was on my awesome trip to NYC, I dragged my friends to go see The Little Mermaid. We were tired as hell, got ripped off on the tickets, and it was DEFINITELY aimed at 8 year old little girls, but I have to tell you, I loved it.

If you know anything about me, (and I think you do,)
you KNOW I'm in.

But I think that I discovered something about my adult self, in the midst of all the FUCKING AWESOME shinies and shpanglies.

Flash back to Maggie, aged 5.
Her dad is a Submariner, (pronounced sub-mah-REEN-er, not sub-MARE-in-er, thank you very much,) and he is about to leave on deployment for 6 months. Before he goes, he takes Maggie on a date, (they let Mom come along too.) On this date, they go see The Little Mermaid at the theater. They watch it, and as the lights come up, Mom and Dad look down at Maggie and she is BAWLING. Mom goes, "Maggie, what's wrong?!?" She replies, "SHE LEFT HER DADDY!" and continues sobbing.

Flash to present.
Maggie still has the same sentiment. I still HATE the ending. I mean, I appreciate it for what it is, but it seems like a raw deal. Let's review. She could either- hang out with her dad, and all her sisters and her friends and be A MERMAID. OR she could go be with this other douchebag. I mean, sure he's handsome, but still- not a fair deal. ( I think that this may also be telling of my mixed sentiments towards the male race, but that's going to have to be discussion on a separate post. Can't live without them, can't live without them!)

On broadway, I still cried at the ending, as I suspected- but I cried earlier in the show too, at a point that surprised me.

I cried at "Part of your world". And not just becuase it was beautifully performed, although it definitely was- I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I think there was a bit of sadness behind it. I remember totally sympathizing with Ariel at that point when I was smaller. There was still a great big exciting world out there, and I just couldn't wait to be a part of it. It was going to be fabulous and shiny and an adventure.

And now, I'm allegedly part of that world.

I gotta tell ya, its not quite living up to my 5 year-old-self's expectations.

I guess I was feeling a bit of loss at not still having that sense of passionate wonder and hope and expectation for some great big unknown.

I do think that it has kind of motivated me, after the fact. There is still wonder our there. Sure, its a little harder to obtain- but its possible. And even if its not marrying prince Eric in the dress with the big puffy sleeves- its out there.

And maybe it'll be even more wonderful because now I appreciate how much it should mean to me. And having to work that much harder for it makes it that much more valuable.

watch and you'll see
someday I'll be
part of your world.

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