Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Virginia: I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

Ok guys, so this time its political.

Virginia is a fucking terrible place to be right now.
First of all, the transvaginal ultrasound thing. (That's going to be a part of a WAY bigger rant that's building up. Re: women's health, I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills. I don't know if its going to result in me doing political stand up, a Vlog, protesting, burning bras in front of the Capitol or all of these. That's for another post.)

This is in response to a friend getting a ticket in VA today. The speed limit was 70 and she was going 82. Like anyone who has driven on I-95 EVER has done.

She got a speeding ticket. And in the Uncommonwealth, this now means that it's a Wreckless Driving charge. The consequences of this is positively ludicrous. And I couldn't handle it.

So I wrote the Governor. And the VA dept of commerce.

That state isn't getting another dime of mine.

Here's what I sent. I only wish it could more eloquent, but I'm too fucking mad.

Also, trying to use reason assumes that the other party would be able to see reason, and in this case, that's clearly not true.


Dear Governor,

I could no longer remain silent. Virginia is currently a terrifying and absurd place to live. My parents live there right now, and I wish that they would move to avoid Virginia's stringent, and dare I say cruel policies.

My two biggest issues are thus: Unreasonable speeding consequences and Transvaginal Ultrasound requirements.

Your state enjoys prime positioning on the Eastern seaboard. Not only are you a state that benefits from having many people travel through it to other locations, but many beautiful and historic destinations. You have sensibly posted speed limits at 70 MPH throughout the state. But then, you have draconian consequences for people traveling at 90 MPH. People could have their lives ruined with exorbitant fines, and a potential criminal record. I can't understand the motivation behind this decision other than money, and it sickens me. I intend to never visit your state, that of my birth because a state that could do this to anyone is not a place I can with good conscience give a dime to.

And then, you go a step further. I don't understand how you can, with a straight face, belong to a party that fights for a less invasive government, and then ACTUALLY. MANDATE. a forced entry into a woman's vagina with a 6" to 8" instrument. It sounds like a nightmare or a sketch from Saturday Night Live that ended up on the cutting room floor because it was too absurd to be believable.

The government of your state is beginning to resemble that of our enemies, and it frightens me. A place that could jail someone for acting within the realm of responsibility, and forcibly rape anyone at all is not somewhere I care to visit.

I'm afraid the only retributions I have are this letter and my checkbook.

Please come to see reason.