Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I feel silly

Alright, so I just accidentally signed up for a blog.
or did I...

I'm thinking it was a sub-conscious choice.

So now I have somewhere to write so I can still look busy at work.
I don't have to tell anyone about it- but its out there.

So cool! I'll start.

So I just got back from the best trip EVER.
I went to NYC with my two best friends on the PLANET, Mo and Meggie, and our other "all-of-a-sudden-really-good friend", Dennis.
I could tell you about the events- which were awesome. Drinking, and walking, and taking thousands of pictures. Going to a Yankees game, playing in Central Park, eating good food, more drinking, seeing The Little Mermaid on Broadway, and all of the other AMAZING things we did- but that wouldn't be describing why it was the best trip ever.

It was the best time ever, because with these people, its truly about just being together. Its all the dumb little details that fill in the big events. Its the things that made us laugh our asses off, (making me spit out whatever I was drinking 3 times, which I never do.)

Its the little funny things we said, that are already forgotten, despite our attempts to live-action document all of the quotes. Its the feeling that you can truly do or say anything, and these people will still be there.

AND JUST HAVING FUN! God, I had forgotten how fun it can be to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Its weird. That's something that can only come from the right combo of people.

Its both heart-wrenching and perfectly ironic that I would have known how rare all of this was only after it wasn't in the foreground of my life. I used to get to see these people every single day- and I was probably better than most at realizing how freaking special and awesome it was.

I just didn't know how truly rare it would turn out to be.

I'm glad that not only do I have that in my life, however infrequently face-t0-face interaction may occur, but I'm also half-glad that it doesn't happen all the time.

It doesn't make my friendships with these amazing people any more special- that'd be impossible.
It just makes me realize it.

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