Monday, April 6, 2009


with twitter.

Spring Fever has arrived, They called it puppy love, and I have been bitten by the bug and every other euphamism for falling in love.


It is just fast-paced enough for my super-limited attention span! Talk about your INSTANT gratification. Little spurts of adrenaline as a result of instant world-wide publication, and it still satisfies your friend AND celebrity stalking hunger with little snacks throughout the day.


Twitter, where have you been all my life.

In other news, I went to a real gay bar for the first time this weekend. And I have a question. And it DEMANDS asking. IS THAT SERIOUSLY WHERE ALL THE ATTRACTIVE MEN IN DC HAVE BEEN HIDING?!?!!?

I fear that the answer is a deafening and utterly depressing "yes."

so ladies, if you've been wondering- that's where they all are. At a gay bar called "town" on saturday nights for Madonnarama. Sometimes in a dress, sometimes with their shirts off, always not where you're looking.

unless you're me circa Sat night. Then you're just plain looking in all the wrong places.

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K said...

The days when you update your blog are like presents. Seriously.