Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let the games begin.


So now, crush #2 is fading into the background. If that ever goes down, its going to be a much longer campaign than we originally thought. He's still tied up elsewhere I believe.


Last night, after our last class, we had our little shindig. It went SWIMMINGLY. He said the words "romantic", "date", and "soulmates" and I didn't freak out. Not even once. And here was how all of those things were said. When our table's candle wasn't lit, I asked my friend to light it for us and made some comment about ambiance. Gollum goes, "that's much more romantic. for our date." And Maggie "The Breeze" Dempsey goes, "yeah, all 12 of us." I MEAN RIGHT?!?!

So proud. **wipes away tear of pride**

Then, later, after my friend noted that I may want to give him a nudge because boys are generally retarded about picking up vibes, I made some comment about Archie comics, and OF COURSE, he knew about them. I was like "Seriously?!?! Get out of my head. Everything dorky I love, you love. Pirates? Lord of the Rings? Star Wars? COME ON. you were reading BRISINGR?!?! SERIOUSLY?!!" and I made him name other dorky things about himself. He named some generic things at first and I was like "come on, that's not even remotely nerdy." He was like "I've got to hold SOME of it back..."


Also, he was in band. Now, I don't know if you know this, but I was like a MAJOR band geek. Major major major.

And he mentioned some other dorky things I was flabbergasted over.

Then he goes "so we're like soulmates" and I said, NOT freaking out, NOT knocking him out of his chair to make out with his face, but with TOTAL COMPOSURE, "more like NERDmates".

I KNOW. Check me out. I'm feeling PRETTY proud of myself.

And now, we have our little showcase performance on Sunday, and we're all going to go out dancing afterwards. And he mentioned that he LOVES to dance. I'm looking forward to it.

and the cutest part of all involves the whole class. There were quite a few people who were like "is anyone else taking the next level?" Shyly, we decided that we would try to all get into the same class.

We're basically precious.

I'm hoping he never gets a hold of this link because he could DEFINITELY figure out it was him, but that's what you get for gushing about crushing to the blogosphere.

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