Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Gollum update:
He was reading Brisingr, (which I love. Google that $h!t if you don't know it,) and is self-proclaimed "unsentimental."

I think I'm truly over it. Like, I carried on a conversation with him, no big deal. Would love to be friends, so we can geek out together. It ain't no thang.


**blaring trumpets**

I know, right?

I, Maggie Dempsey, actually have a crush again.

Now, I'm not going to get into rhapsodizing poetic about this guy, because it's not really necessary. I'll just say that he's ADORABLE and seems thoroughly datable. And charming. **sigh**.

CRAP. No. Not daydreaming about him in blog form. What. So. Ever.

I just wanted to talk about how GREAT it feels to have a crush again! Now, dear readers, I, Maggie, USED TO BE a serial crusher. I was. I loved everyone at some point or another. But lately, its been a bit of a dry spell. And now, I feel back in the swing of it.

I gotta tell you, it feels great.
Even though it is a roller coaster of bloated ego and crippling self-consciousness, the ride is a blast. What else in life can create the same contrast of sheer elation and absolute terror without anything illegal involved? Every little thing you do takes on a different meaning. HOURS more of your day are occupied. The debate about how to wear one's hair. The excitement of those moments of eye contact that seem to linger, even if only in your own head. The thrill and temporary panic of getting tongue-tied, no matter how eloquent you normally are. The ridiculous hair flips you remember doing hours later. Reading nuance into every possible word choice and vocal inflection.

And the daydreams. OOOOOH the daydreams. It's been so nice to have a face to picture in my woolgathering. And its interesting- I must be getting slightly more mature, (read "older",) because the nature of my daydreams has shifted. I now picture not only the EXTRAVAGANT things I always have, (riding sparklie ponies, being captured at sea by his pirate ship, frolicking in fields of posies, etc.,) but now, the actually possible has filtered into my waking dreams. Giggling as we eat the cold and burned breakfast we made together. Just going to see a movie and crashing. And even the classic getting caught in the rain and guffawing, but now set in a location I might actually be at one day.


Crush, even if nothing every comes of it, thanks for giving me something new to daydream about.

And if something DOES happen, hang on to your hat baby, because I've had some AWESOME ideas. It's gonna be fun.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Maggie's got her groove back. (Question mark?)