Monday, December 8, 2008


So, it occurs to me as I read back over my meager blog entries, that I only blog when things are like LIFE ALTERING. So my blog is a bit more heavy-handed than I prefer.

So now, I shall endeavour to include life's funny little anecdotes as well as the universe-shifting ranting.

Mundane Entry #1:
Cubicle etiquette. Do coworkers appreciate hearing your juicy story from the past weekend? This occurs to me as a coworker tells me her THOROUGHLY juicy story from this past weekend. At one point, I actually got to say, "So are you going to get it tonight? THE JACKET I MEAN---- HI YOOOO!"

And then we were giggling at the DEAFENING throat clear from my septuagenarian cube neighbor. Usually, he laughs at my antics. And on even more unfortunate occasions, he contributes his own stories that would curl your hair. So does he find it funny? Is he offended? Or did he really just have a tickle in his throat?


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Curtis said...

He was offended. I'm sure all he longs for is the sweet embrace of his septuagenarian wife -- and instead its corrupted with stories about jackets. Probably fleece, right? Ugh.