Tuesday, April 20, 2010



I friggin love Glee.
I'm a total Gleek.
Glee is the best thing to happen to tv.
I have goose bumps.

Ok, first off- Emma, (who I friggin LOVE and totally want to dress like,) was wearing a sweater that I own. LIke my favorite sweater. Which I am definitely wearing to work tomorrow. (And that was awesome. Like, lots of screaming and running upstairs to procure said sweater.)

Like, I now hate my real life High School experience because none of these hawt guys sang to me (even though HS was really rad. And Adam Lambert did sing to me, but that was in the context of a play.) So. Hot. I mean, I know that it shouldn't be?! But so hot. It was fodder for my imagination like whoa. Because I would love to hook up with any one of those 3 guys, ( I know that the one guy is gay.) THE O FACES, come on. Or sing like any of those girls. And have choreographed foreplay. Actually, maybe that one the most. That, and I've been a bit randy as of late. weird. Should I not write that? Would it be awkward to have that out in the realm of public knowledge? Shmeh.

The last scene with the choir? Goosebumps.
So awesome.
I friggin love this show.

Sue? Brittany? Schuster's O-Face? Emma wearing my sweater? Kurt and Mercedes getting some love?

choreographed foreplay.

As soon as I finish squee-ing, Imma pass out from exhaustion.


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G - RI said...

It was fodder for my imagination like whoa - your entire blog, not the gleek post